Personalised Luxury Wooden Picnic Basket and Table

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We're rather proud of this one - it looks great, is easy to carry and transforms into a table! Just place it on the ground if you're sitting on a picnic blanket - or if you're sitting on chairs just rotate the handles down and push the pins in to lock in place as sturdy table legs. With swing out wine glass holders, slide in serving trays and a lid that opens into a food serving surface - if there's a better picnic box on the planet we certainly haven't seen it! Did we mention that it looks fantastic? With its curvy legs and organic shapes it just demands admiration! Be the envy of your fellow picnickers while you enjoy the great outdoors in luxury and style. Made from quality marine ply and with our very own hardwood pin construction technique this product has no metal parts to rust from trips to the beach or getting wet in an unexpected change of weather. It really is an heirloom product that could still be providing picnic joy to your descendants generations from now. It can also be engraved with a message that makes it an ideal gift brimming with the promise of many fun-filled adventures! Designed and made in Australia.
(Dimensions: Box is 460mm long x 420mm wide x 240mm high)