Chocolate Safe

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Give the fun gift of chocolate security! We all know the disappointment of looking forward to a piece of our favourite chocolate only to find that someone has beaten us to it... This fun, functional, clever (and quite attractive) chocolate safe will keep your chocolate treasures safe from chocolate poachers! It can be engraved with a personalised message to make it a perfect gift for the lovers of chocolate in your life!

  • Australian designed and made
  • Set your own 3 digit code with our unique wooden 1,000 combination secure tumbler locks
  • Combination locks designed so they can't be cracked using the 'tradtional' method of putting pressure on the lock and feeling the clicks - we take chocolate security seriously!
  • Box assembled free of glue with secure joints on the inside so it can be taken apart when unlocked.
  • Can be engraved with a personalised message
  • Order raw or finished with food safe safflower oil
  • Can also be used to lock away things other than chocolate (what could be more appropriate than locking a smartphone in a secure wooden box?!)
  • L 245mm W 105mm H 40mm (inside dimensions)
  • For those who like puzzles we can provide the box in parts so they can have the fun of  working out how it goes together - it's pretty simple but quite satisfying!