About Us

We passionately believe in the importance of quality sustainable Australian designed and made products so if you prefer that to low quality, mass produced, imported products you've come to the right place!

We design and make every one of our products and each one has a story - we could tell you where the idea came from, how the design progressed from inspiration to idea to sketch to initial design to prototype and the changes and improvements we made from there - it's ok we won't bore you with all that - but feel free to ask us some time and we will!

Whether you're buying for yourself or you're looking for a personalised gift - we sincerely hope you find something here that you like! It is our hope that our products - all designed and made in the Northern Rivers of NSW, Australia - bring some joy with them to your house or the house of the family or friends you give them to as gifts. If they do that for you we will be happy!

We've heard from many people about how much they have enjoyed our products and that really inspires us to keep working on developing and perfecting new products to add to our stable - we have lots in the pipeline - so make sure you stay in touch by either liking our facebook page or signing up for email updates.