Stacking Wooden Storage Box

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Store in style with this plywood box! It comes flat, assembles without using any metal fasteners or glue (and definitely no Allen keys!), it's super strong and stable when assembled but can be pulled apart and rebuilt quickly, easily and repeatedly without any loss of strength. It has carry handles on all four sides for easy handling and just to top it all off it will stack brilliantly with the profile of the top of one box and the bottom of the next one perfectly matching so they self-locate in the right position and will not slide off. The world is slowly weaning itself off its addiction to plastic bags - it's time to start (or rather return to) storing with wood instead of plastic crates (that crack and need to be replaced) as well. They look better, they're stronger, they stack better, they're not made from plastic - transform your storage today! It can also be personalised either as a gift box or to identify the contents. Designed and made in Australia.